Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club Aoki Course – One of a kind

All over the world golf is great! Who knew? Now I do. Never been east. My brother has. But when I do I’ll keep this in mind. Golf will drive me around the world one day – pun intended. I can dream can’t I? Mustn’t I? And isn’t imagination what it’s all about? I mean after the discipline and integrity and the two-steps-back-one-step-forward total disillusionment followed by wishful thinking. Thx.

Golf is More Fun in the Philippines

Aoki Clubhouse

The Aoki Course at Eagle Ridge is unique on several levels. It is the only golf course in the country designed by Japanese golfing great Isao Aoki. It also possesses the only Japanese themed clubhouse in the country. It has the only hole that I have played in this country that does not have a single sand trap. More importantly, it strikes that unique balance of providing a pleasurable golfing experience while continuing to challenge the golfer.

The first of the four golf courses to be completed at the Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club in General Trias, Cavite, the Aoki Course is where I choose to bring guests on their maiden visit to the club. It is a track that will flatter and entertain you if you can keep your ego in check and play the appropriate set of tees. But make no mistake; it’s no pushover. Move one…

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