Golf Etiquette on the Green

Good golf etiquette from the grateful golfer. News you can use!

The Grateful Golfer

Golf etiquette is one of my core reasons for playing. I like the gentlemanly aspect of interacting with other players at a mature level. It brings civility to the game of kings, unmatched in the sporting world. Name another sport where the playing relationship is rooted in the core values of honesty, integrity and fair play. We monitor our own actions, call our own penalties, and conduct ourselves in such a way as to ensure everyone enjoys their round of golf. Etiquette, especially on the green, is a guiding principle.

Understanding etiquette is not as simple as it sounds. The PGA has outlined some etiquette guidelines that everyone should read. However, for most beginners, etiquette generally falls into the category of “You don’t know what you don’t know”! Etiquette has never been explained to them and as such, they do not understand that they are doing anything wrong. Below are a few pictures to help address…

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