San Francisco 49er New Stadium & Golfing Silicon Valley


Hey traveling golfers – if you’re ever in Silicon Valley South Bay for a game, that parking structure across the street sits next door to the Santa Clara golf club where you can practice your short game or hit some drives. During the season overflow traffic may take over the course. But also worth checking out off season or if you’re visiting another cloud tech start up on business.

Last time I practiced here I tried out my new Ping 6 & 7 irons with flex graphite shafts and it was a rare display of being in the zone and coming close to target fairly consistently that I can remember in a long time. And then I tried my 3 wood covert and my confidence disappeared.

Still. On that day I thought I had promise enough to try some amateur tournaments next year. We will see.

Thats still the long term gameplan. the story on how this new stadium was built is fascinating. and i hear the digital innovative experience is totally the Jetsons!

im gonna have to check it out soon. its just down the way im so glad they moved near San Jose.

Go Steelers!! I mean Go 49ers!! Haha that’s a whole nother story 😉


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