Stardate 08172014 2021pm: Music Playlist for the Time Being

Sometimes being aware – just being aware of the now is a powerful thing.  Not the future.  Not the past.  Just the now.  Often music helps me do that.  Here’s a few favorites from this weekend’s listening list from Pandora and the TV of all places.  You’ll get a kick out of my last one.




Peace Love Beats

  • Dis Phat by Trancenden on the album Peace Love Beats
  • So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys on the album So This Is Goodbye
  • Hallucinate by The Crusaders on the album Chain Reaction
  • Talk Amongst Yourselves by Grand National on the album Kicking the National Habit
  • Solo Impala by The Fashion on the album The Fashion
  • (One of my all time favorites theme songs from one of my all time favortie TV sitcoms of the 60s)  The Odd Couple by Adrianne Cunningham.

Oscar & Felix

And – my newest favorite tune of the season comes from a commercial I keep seeing about the latest Cadillac sales event.  Apparently the background tune which is really kitchy and upbeat and kinda disco electronica is by Sir Sly – my teenager told me the tune was recognizable and then tried to track it down using Shazzam and the a few other music ID apps like Sound Cloud – and we finally figured out what it was…….



  1. Gold Beta Block REMIX by SIR SLY off the commercial on Cadillac (don’t know the album yet)

maybe one of

cadillacspotcady3I know its silly but I think I’ll track this song down.  It makes me feel happy and kid like – like I’m getting ready to go to a party on a friday night instead of preparing to clean out the garage.  It’s pretty cool.  I mean, my teen gets into to it – right?  There it is.  Some music for the week end’s beginning.

Tally ho – chin up – next week’s another week and I’m gonna aim to play my 1st 18 holes at SJ Muni and post my score and beginning figuring out what my handicap is.  That’s the gameplan anyway.


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