Stardate Tues 08202014 194040pm: Golf Practice This Week – Diary

Quick Practice Notes for the week


A local San Jose Golf Course – Great 9 holer

it’s hard to practice routinely without a routine.  Thank goodness school has started up again.  Looks like Mondays and Wednesdays will be my putt practice days at Pruneridge golf after drop off and before pick-up (if i can bust a hump at work and get out on time).  Now I need to schedule a day for pitching and iron work.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to volunteer this year at the Frye’s Open in Napa this year.  Rory has already agreed to show up.  Last year was lackluster but many pros are overdue to appear so we’ll see.

fryes open

Frye’s Open Return to NAPA – Rory to Play

  • Focus for Aug/Sept:  i’m back to focusing on putting so i can get real good from 2 club lengths and in.  so back to doing the circle (right-to-left, left-to-right etc… putts).
  • I’m still working on my new stance that has me leaning over a wee bit more (see a few posts ago)
  • I’m also trying to really feel the earth (how is grading where is it leaning) with my feet as i walk up and down the putt line when i first approach the hole
  • Plus – after reading a fellow blogger on the importance of process and routine in Rory’s return I’m doing a set of drills where i hit 10 balls from different spots by just spot checking and then going thru my routine quickly but steadily.
  • breathing.  i find that timing my putting stroke with my breathe helps to make me stroke thru the ball evenly and completely.  I take a couple slow breathes before pausing before my stroke and then i inhale (hah!) on the back stroke and exhale coming back.  it keeps me relaxed and my clubhead square
  • Practice balance on Public Transportation.  Also, i took the light rail a couple times this week and i’m using it to practice my balance again by standing parallel to the direction of motion and then taking my stance and trying not to let the train topple me.  I don’t hold onto anything.  the rail doesn’t travel that fast and on the straight shots from station to station. so it’s all about your thighs, hips, feet and rocking or swaying laterally to stay balanced.  it’s an invisible fun exercise.  I’ve been doing it off and on for 6 months now and i must admit i rarely grab for any support – even when the train is full.  Now that’s developing some core i think – and it makes travelling to work more constructive and rewarding.
  • Lastly – who knew pursuing golf required such an upgrade to my physique.  It really requires physical stamina to do this sport right – day after day, week after week.
from the grass driver

onward and upward

That’s all I got.  

SVGolfer over and out


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