Are you a frustrated new golfer – part two?

Hilarious and so true. Epilogue. Then you go home and wonder what the heck you were thinking then you watch some golf and before you know it you r back at the blimmey frustrating but tempting tee again. Sounds like high school dating to me only you get as many second chances as your stamina can muster! Onwards!



“Nothing goes down slower than a golf handicap.”Bobby Nichols

By Ian Hardie

In the post Are you a frustrated new golfer? I talked a bit about a golfer who had started the game at a slightly older age than most of us generally do

At the time her frustration at her progress (or lack of to be more correct) was starting to make her consider giving up the game

Turns out – she’s not alone out there!

As an extremely large number of golfers around the world find golf a frustrating game to both start and learn – something that those of us that have already long since passed the learning stage of the game – have probably forgotten all about!

The reality is that golf is one of the hardest sports in the world to pick up and learn quickly, irrespective of the age you start playing…

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