Note to Self: Routine is Important for Improvement

So I’m trying to get out of my motivational funk that’s produced maybe 1 practice day in the last 2 weeks.

School starting and fall and she traveled to London for the last 10-days so I was Mr. Momming it all over and all isn’t helping my routine but I’m figuring out that if I want to stay inspired while trying to incorporate the deluge of information I soak up trying to learn this game – I need to take it slow and I need to develop a routine and I need to set year long goals that include body physique work, mental work, practical swing instruction and the other stuff like good eating and good routines.  It all starts with a routine I can follow day after day for a long period of time.

The other day i was watching another golf show not with Martin hall but the other guy (the one who sounds like he yells alot even tho he’s a nice guy) and he was talking about the importance of establishing routine to make the pressure shot – ie – what is your pre-swing or pre-putt routine down to how you approach the ball, waggling, breathing etc.  – how important it is to establish and stick to a routine especially in those pressure-fills shot moments.  He said – pressure is self-induced and routine is {the antidote} that let’s you execute cooly and calmly no matter what.

It drove home the point.  Big time.  I need routines.  I need a routine for my routines.  And I need to routinely follow my established routines.  I also keep learning that amateur and pros alike fall into slumps and Rory has come back from one last year in large part because he developed new routines for practicing and on course.  The story lines from slump to chump to getting over the hump are numerous and fairly identical regardless of prowess.

Anyway – one routine I need to re-establish is to keep writing because it keeps me in touch and keeps me fluid – so I gotta do that and that’s what I’m doing now.  After a fairly long reprise.

I think I’ll start working on a simple 5-day calendar with easy-to-stick routines that attach to a 3-month goal.

the great news is I live in San Jose – and the “garden of heavenly delights” not only is home to beautiful orchards and silicon valley tech companies but it also offers the benefit or year-round perfect golf weather even in the winter – so I don’t have to worry about staying in doors.  whoo hoo.

OK – I feel better.

My upbeat songs for the day:

  • WANT U by Lo-Fi-Funk on Kitsune Maison Compilation 6
  • Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun on Walking on a Dream
  • Uncharted by Late Night Alumni on Of Birds Bees Butterflies Etc,



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