Thursday’s Putting Routine: Daily Diary Entry Stardate 091814 0939AM

So I haven’t cemented a new weekly practice routine yet but I’m thinking Wednesday’s and Thursday’s can be my morning putting practice days and I can begin that process of just doing the circle putts at various distance and recording my misses (based on conditions and such) and slowly improve my short game that way.  I want to be able to consistently 2 putt from beyond 3ft and 1-putt from within 3-feet.  That’s the 2015 New Year’s goal anyway.

On these days I drop that creature with earbuds and an iPad off early and I have about 30 minutes I can sneak in before getting into work.  Thank goodness we got this new electric hybrid so I can drive HOV alone for the next 4 years during rush hour.  whoo hoo! – makes life so much more convenient.  But that’s besides the point.

There’s a convenient little 9-holer called Pruneridge off of San Tomas Expwy on the way in and it’s like a recipe made in heaven.  I can just do the pop-in and get right to it.


Pruneridge practice putting green

With a very tight routine I can get a lot of constructive practice over the coming months.  So I’m prepared to actually mark Wednesdays and Thursdays as putting practice days.  In the mornings I’ll putt and then in the evenings I’ll go over my notes and perhaps review some online videos or only read magazine articles on putting.  And I’ll aim to keep a journal on how I’m doing with right-to-left, left-to-right uphill downhill that sort of stuff.

Like today, it was a damp morning but still nice.  So i thought the greens would be slow but they ran fast.  I overshot by a foot on 3 3-footers (right to left and reverse on a mild downhill) but did much better going straight uphill or slightly downhill and actually dropping 2 balls in from left-to-right uphill.  I did a circle with 8 ball from about 3-4 ft.  then i did a straight line of varying distances (very close to about 7 – 8 feet) focusing on just a single right-to-left putt.  I started getting nervous because some other good putter was hanging around watching.  But then I remembered to just stick to my pre-stroke routine, which always includes 3 blades taps to the group, a head lift nudge to keep my chin up, and then my slow exhale before stroking.

I still missed a few long but I made my goal to keep doing the routine instead of worrying about making it at all so as to reduce my nervousness.  I sorta worked at first and then got better towards the 3 putt.  I made my last and longest one with confidence.  It felt good and pure leaving the blade.  It was a nice feeling and I decided to end my morning there.

So – no – It wasn’t a full thought out routine but it’s a start.

That’s all for now.


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