My New (1st) Weekly Routine – Draft

I’ve given more thought to a weekly routine that can be more manageable and can support longer range goals.  The idea is to work on 2 swing types over the course of a quarter or 3 months and cycle through that process across all swing types over the course a year – switching between irons, drivers, short shots putting etc.. in rotation.  Afterall – it’s about continual self-improvement – right? so I need to set up a routine that can plug into an annual cycle for the long haul.  At least that’s my thinking.

With that in mind – what can my weekly routine look like without driving me crazy and stretching my schedule to the point that I can’t enjoy other things and still be highly productive at work?  Clearly – I need to extend my previous written or unwritten deadlines for getting amateur golf-tournament ready.  2015 is too aggressive.  One of the fundamentals of golf is to set yourself up for success.  Considering my still late-to-the-game status, it is unreasonable for me to think that 1-2 years of hard work will get ‘er done when many 1/2 my age take their entire pre-college and college careers to get ready for just the tour.  Stretch goals are fine but unrealistic goals are damaging and frustrating.  I need to re-jigger my expectations.

So – not withstanding the right to change my mind – 2018 sounds like the right year to pick as a ready-for-prime time year.  That’s not to say experiences may not begin as early as 2016.  But it is to say that I must affirm (not concede) that time is on my side if I let it be and if I care about other things around me before I become an empty nester – ya’ know?  Horror as it is to say it but “There are other things to life than Golf.”

So with that in mind.  What can I do now with what I have at my disposal and the other life pressures that exists just from breathing and living and paying bills to methodically improve an aspect of my game?

Dare I say – I will return to my short game – putting, chipping and pitching – and begin to study for either the 7-9 irons or a 3-wood.  Because these are the clubs i have that I like.  Plus, although I have confidence in my pitching I’m learning many nuances and on any given day I can still debate just how good I am at this aspect of the game and shake my head.

So the wireframe, given all this, for the week goes like this:

Monday:  Physical and Mental work – run in the AM, study 1 hour video or literature and record 1-5 short game practice routines for next 3 weeks.

Tuesday:  Mental work – review practice plans for later in the week.  Schedule a play date is it’s a play week.  Online stuff

Wednesday:  Early school day.  Practice 30-minutes putting routines

Thursday:  Early day:  Practice 30-minute putting

Friday:  Driving range, practice routines from earlier in the week or Play 9/18 holes twilight at least once a month (preferably 2X)

Saturday:  Afternoon 2-hour short game practice in afternoon (2X/month) – depending on family schedule

Sunday: – day of rest

This is a draft schedule but I like the bones of it.  I’ll kick it off next week.  I need to flesh it out a bit more but it’s a start.

So let it be written……



2 thoughts on “My New (1st) Weekly Routine – Draft

  1. SVG

    Well that sounds like a solid plan. I noticed only one day for a run. Will you be training more than that? If so, a solid stretching routine is key to a lower golf score. I am looking forward to hearing about your success!



    • YES! thank you – stretching is key. and i always forget. and i should actually do that on a daily basis even if just for 5-10 minutes. add it all up and i start spinning out of control quickly but if i don’t have a plan i can’t see where i’m going. thanks for the support – it goes a long way.!! cheers_svg

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