New Weekly Routine – Day 1

Feels like I’m starting all over again – but my new moderated and more sane “Get Golf Ready” plan for the rest of 2014 is to do the weekly routine I posted a few days back.  And we’re off to a decent start!!!


Monday is a run day and I ran for 25 minutes at a local track (2 miles) down the street – it was like the crack of dawn.  And I made sure to stretch.  Stretching is important so thanks for the reminder (GratefulG).  I need to do it more when I practice as well.gt0508-putting-aim

No major problems.  It was dark but nice.  And then i squeezed in 15 minutes of putting practice after dropping her off at school.  I did right-hand only for left-to-right for a few minutes before using both hands.  The green was very damp so the ball really kept straight unless there was a big break.

I was not really concerned with hitting the stick – just getting into a pace, pattern and routine.  My read, my approach, my test swing, my 3 taps and breathing out and then a stroke.


Also – totally unrelated aside – I got one of those orange arm-band things to use while practicing my swing at home.  I used it on my new Lynx 3-wood (on major sale) and I tried to keep my wrist firmer while hitting into a net.  Wow! – Pretty nice feel.  That’s the deal.  I will keep working on my putting for the next 3 months with some 3-wood work using the arm-band – and maybe do like 50 swing a day or every other day or something.

One day down.  89 more or something like that to go until new year’s.

Tally ho!  Too bad about the Ryder Cup AND my Steelers  :-(.


One thought on “New Weekly Routine – Day 1

  1. SVG

    Sounds awesome! I am glad you have started your journey to being a scratch golfer. The hardest part was making the decision to change. You can do anything and be successful at anything if the desire is big enough. And it sounds like you are there. Good luck and I am looking forward to your updates!



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