Stardate 10152014 1145AM – Snuck in Some Putting

Putted yesterday brilliantly by employing a 10-20-30 game routine.  trying to hit 2 balls from 10, 20 and 30 feet going down the same line.  Trying to continue working on my tempo and locating a mid-point for the ball plus still doing the “locate the north pole” on the putting hole thing.

Sank 3 30-footers after carefully analyzing the green.  It was bliss – I couldn’t believe the rolls.  I like the moist soft morning greens.  At least yesterday.

Plus snuck in 20 minutes just before flying into work toady as well.  So that’s 2 days in.  Just 1 more to make my weekly quota.  Plus i ran on monday whoo hoo!!

Still need to work on posture.  I need to keep my back straighter (more like sitting in a chair and sticking your butt out a little).

Also – I think i need to get back into the groove off summarizing some golf lessons and posting them – just to get my mind thinking during off season.

What am I talking about – it’s never off season in Silicon Valley!!  Even if it costs more to live here than Manhattan – I have no regrets fo’ sho’



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