EUREKA moment: Posture Makes Perfect or Beer Belly is Better?

So I’m still grappling with this idea that I haven’t been as erect as I should be when swinging my clubs which could explain why I chunk the grass so much or slice.  Sure sure – grip and stance play a big role here too but I’ve been feeling like I’ve been way to hunched over – like a gargoyle even some times.  That’s why I wrote that blog a while back on Michelle Wei and her stance.  And although that stance works when putting, she’s still fairly straight when swinging irons or drivers.


Posture makes perfect

So, while reading Hogan’s book again I noticed some words on posture and I’ve been toying around with mine and I also remember reading something from other bloggers about how your balls of your feet should align with your knees and shoulder joints and stuff so everything rolls together.  So, I’ve just been standing a little bit straighter and trying to keep my spine firm.

I think it makes a big difference.  I tested off-the-cuff last night and it felt good and I struck well – but I need to get out to the range to really test – even though my routine isn’t focused on anything but putting and a little bit of 3-wood learning down-the-line.

I also found that if I keep my back straighter, when my shoulders turn I feel a more direct pull on my hips.  It’s like before I was a bent-axle that didn’t really lock into my hips but when I am straighten up the hips follow the shoulders.  SO I’m gonna keep experimenting.

I’m thinking guys with flat stomach can do this well but guys with beer bellies also end up standing more straight just from a physical perspective because their guts force them too (plus this keeps the player solidly planted resulting in less wobbliness or less-getting-off-axis – so to speak).

If you want the steering wheel to directly control the tires you can’t be adjusting it while driving – the car will lose control.  Not a perfect analog but you get the idea.

That’s my rubber nickel for the day.


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