Truth Beauty – Beauty Truth. Spine Action is where it’s at

Quick note: it is true.  And golf is like that.  There are many paths to the truth – a true swing, true no-tension, true balance, true vision, true grit…well you get the idea.

I’ve been playing all this time (really practicing playing) with a wobbly spine and that’s been a large contributor – now I’m realizing (along with my grip) –  to my inconsistency and chunking of the turf.

After yesterday’s epiphany (i need to keep my spine axis still and firm by standing more erect), I came home today and immediately went to the front lawn with my practice turf matt and wiffle balls and swung away – keeping a firm straight left arm and a straight – at-attention posture (see the post just before this for a picture). ……  Almost as if I was at attention like a soldier and then I leaned forward (making sure to push my glutes out a little instead of slumping like I was sitting in an office chair like I usually do) and grabbed the club (one of my favorties – a taylor made 5 iron).  I swung at some 40 balls and struck them all straight on – no slice, no whiff, no knuckles (except once), no severe off angles.

Keeping my spine straight is key.  My left knee bent inwards when it was suppose to and i felt a weight shift when my left shoulder touched my chin and I literally swept the fake grass like a brush – it was sublime.  I even finished with a long hold and my right toe naturally ended up tippy toe – by itself.  I’m like “huh?” – “wow!!”

Golf is self-discovery and world-discovery.  Golf is the everyday of a day in a life.  And just when you feel like you’ve pursued enough mirages and climbed enough self-defeating hills – a little clue, a little glimpse at the holy grail appears.

I am stoked.  totally re-affirmed.  I need to get out to the driving range to truly test this out – even though putting is my focus this quarter, this is too good not to confirm 100%.

For a softy at heart, I guess I’m finally developing a spine – haha lol.



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