Daily Diary: Stardate 102220141234PM + Neil Young Pono is Music to My Ears, Sirius Radio not-s0-much

  • Did my putting routine yesterday and today.  pretty lackluster, no great rolls
  • Worked on fairly strong breaks
  • Today the grass had dew. Really cool. Practiced 40 ft+ putts just for a round of 10-20 balls, uphill and breaking right.  Made 50% in 2.
  • Awesome to see the ball track in the wet grass – …….again, it helps lock-in visualization of ball movement on a left-to-right uphill line.  I really enjoyed the visual feedback.
  • Heard the tune “Home At Last” by Steely Dan – one of my all time favorite if not my all time favorite band – on my way into work and actually felt like I was “Home At Last.”
Steely Dan - Home at last

Steely Dan – the studio musicians extraordinaire

Thought to myself – Neil Young is right about digitized music – I was listening to the tune on Sirius – it sucks!!  Sirius compressed the heck out of the file and for a tune produced by guys who were perfectionists in the studio – this is like listening to a tune designed in HD color that comes thru in black and white. Uuugh.  It made my ears hurts.  Seriously Sirius – get a grip and uncompress those files.  It could actually hear the files breathing and wow and fluttering like they were a mixtape that had been left out in the sun in the back of someone’s car for a year – uuuuugh!!  And I pay for this swill?

Neil Young is totally right on with PONO and he talked about it at Salesforce’s Dreamforce – that’s the new cloud computing big brew haha convention on all things cloud for you non-Silicon Valley techies out there.

Neil Young Pono Announcement on Kickstarter

The Pono Website

Putting Routine



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