World Series, Giants, Tom Watson & Swing Mechanics

Just a couple quick notes.

  1. It was cool to see Tom Watson sitting in the crowd at game 1 of America’s favorite pass-time, the World Series between my newly adopted baseball team (of some 10 years now so i can’t really say that anymore – although it was nice to see a hometeam – the Orioles – ((when was the last time we saw them in it again?)) – during the run up) the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals.  If you’re ever in Silicon Valley come on down and check out the minor league feeder team – the San Jose Giants – it just doesn’t get any better.  I enjoyed watching Joe Panick last year while also enjoying some great tri-tip on a quintessential crisp clear San Jose Day.  Minor league ball doesn’t get any better than hot dogs while watching the SJ Giants and Gigante and catching fireworks on perfect summer night.
  2. So what does this have to do with golfing?  I was thinking about my golf swing while watching and observing the mechanics of both the batter and the pitcher (any of them on either team) as they wound up and prepared to swing or pitch.  The whole thing is all too similar and very instructive to how one should approach the golf swing.  The movements are exaggerated for sure but you can see the batter plant his back leg and turn his forward knee (or even lift it) as he winds up.  The grips and hand turnover are very familiar (even if i can’t ever seem to duplicate them myself – YET).  Posture, arms, how the back foot often ends up on its toe, the complete follow-through – all of it!!!.  And you can really see how and what they mean by turning your hips to get power – not swinging with your arms.

When they give you the slow motion replay, it is brilliantly informative.  Thinking about GratefulG and his visualization techniques, I could let my mind absorb some training by just watching TV intently and with purpose.

So.  I think I’m gonna enjoy this World Series in more ways then one.  As I stood there listening to Joe Buck and holding a 3-wood while swishing it across the rug in slow movements like a batter just loosening up before cocking the bat up in preparation for the pitch – I thought to myself “many of these sport are instructive – the way a tennis player torques to serve the ball or hit that backhand, how a pitcher launches a pitch, how a soccer player plants his foot before striking a winning goal, how a quarterback throws a long bomb – all of it – the whole magilla – is instructive.!!”

And then I thought – “there must be as many ways to set-up to the ball as there are ways to set up for a pitch.  I mean, everyone who hits well doesn’t seem to set-up the same.  And this made me go Hmmmm.  Just how much should I conform myself to someone else way of instruction for developing my swing?  I know I have to end up in what should be a balance swing plane – but how I set up to it will undoubtedly display some idiosyncrasies even if I have to conform them to the laws of physiques as it relates to alignment, posture, grip and other fundamentals.

But I digress – More on this later.

But then – right then – Pooof – there’s Tom Watson.  I took it as a sign – for what?  I don’t know – but some stars had to be aligning.

Side note to this side note: I think I need to stand over the ball more.  I’m a straight putter – just about no arc at all is what feels good to me.  And I’m wondering if my whole posture issue has to do with just not having the ball more underneath me – like more directly under my eyes.

Side note to this side note’s side note:  And the Steelers winning last night was just the best bit of football I’ve had in a long time.  Go Giants, Go Steelers, Go 49ers, Go figure, Go Golf.



2 thoughts on “World Series, Giants, Tom Watson & Swing Mechanics

  1. SVG

    You are right about several things. First, your swing is unique and only you can decide what technique will work for you. So many experts claim otherwise, but do not be fooled, you are in charge. Visualization works….I am looking forward to hearing about your success. Finally, what is a 49er? 😉

    Cheers Jim


    • phew. i hesitated to post that one, especially with so many instructors in blog land (and i appreciate them all for sure but…..). so you’re feedback is re-affirming.

      I think the San Francisco 49ers football team got their name from the California gold rush days of the mid 1800s – 1849 to be exact.

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