Or maybe I’m just a Fool Chasing Fool’s Gold

Or maybe I’m just an idiot making things harder than they have to be and stubbornly refusing to follow instruction so I make up my own lesson plans and take months to accomplish what could be more efficiently done.

Part of me enjoys the detective work and uncovering the principles that lie Behind good golf mechanics – things like confidence, truth, simplicity , no sudden movements, mind and body synchronizing , positive attitude, discipline – each attribute taking on a personality in the quest that the whole lot of traits brings to mind Jason and the Argounants – which by the way is a great title to a great tune by a great band XTC. But I digress….

Anyway, I should really think about getting an instructor….


No really


2 thoughts on “Or maybe I’m just a Fool Chasing Fool’s Gold


    I have never used an instructor, but recently realized my limitations. I would recommend taking a couple lessons to start, then see where it takes you from there. Before you take a lesson, have an idea on what you want to improve, speeds up the process.



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