The Baseball Hitter’s Wall Drill & the inside out golf swing

Quick tidbit while watching Panik (or was it Posey) set-up in the batter’s box during the bottom of the 7th in the World Series….

the announcers mentioned how he practices the “Wall Drill” during the winter months when he can’t play outside to make sure his hands stay “on the inside” while swinging the bat – similar i think to making sure your hands and club stay on plane and making sure that you pull with your left hand and don’t get outside the “inner circle” – whatever that is (i’m still trying to fully figure that one out).

Hitting the wall is the result of “sweeping” or “casting” which means your hands wandered into the hitting zone and it severely decreases power and increases the chance of pop flies and other bad anomalies.  Instead you’re supposed to focus on pulling the bat thru as if your leading with the knob of the bat and keeping the bat close to the body AND reducing your swing loop.  This reminds my of the advice that I should try to pull the golf club down with my left hand and push my wrists forward as I swing thru the ball – a sequence that doesn’t feel natural to me but I did get that piece of advice one time while at Golfsmith – i would have a much more consistent and accurate and powerful stroke.

I wonder if there is a similar wall-drill for golf?  I know the golf channel has the 2×4 wooden plank drill where you make sure to strike a ball that is placed 1-inch away from a long 2×4 without hitting the 2×4 to perfect the inside-out swing. but…

anywho – i thought this was informative and an interesting drill.  here’s a link of many that talk to the issue.


2 thoughts on “The Baseball Hitter’s Wall Drill & the inside out golf swing


    There are several drills. I wrote about them a while back in an article called “hitting the wall”. My computer means are limited right now, if you search for it on my site you should find what you are looking for. Keep writing, really like the articles!



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