Passion, Pleasure, Pain, Pity… Why I PAY to play Golf!!

Yah – what he said. SVG nodding head.


drabble golf

Let’s start off by stating the obvious, the essential point for this article. Golf is my passion! Golf; that silly game that has an endless pursuit to burn through money, exhaust time, fuel fantasy like dreams and desires only to eventually and ironically crush them. Why are we so in love with this game? At first glance, the sport seems like a destiny for disaster, a guaranteed outlet for pain, frustration and self-loathing pity.  Many golfers should have accepted these simple facts years ago in their own quests at understanding the true nature behind their voluntary intentions to try and play the game. So the question turns to; why do we play? Or better yet, why do we PAY to play a sport that can be as irritating or frustrating as this one? Like many things in life, there rarely is one clear answer to any subjected question. So why…

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