Daily Dairy: Stardate 102820142036PM – Baah Humbug!! Putting Practice

UUUUgh – but not too bad of an uugh.

  • Off day today.  Ran 2 miles yesterday per my new weekly routine
  • Putted after work (instead of before) for 90 minutes doing my 30 foot 2-putt drill.
  • Only made 50%.
  • Had a hard time reading the breaks and had to deal with a couple double breaks
  • It’s so funny going to the practice range.  Everyone is out there smacking balls, hardly anyone comes to the putting green
  • Then someone stole (i think – let me give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they picked it up by mistake) my 3-wood cover which was on the grass by a bush and which I use to hold some spare tees and to carry my golf balls when putting because i only carry my wand on those days and bring about 10 balls.  It’s just a cover but I’m like “Really?  really?  Ralllaaaah!?”  Nothing at lost and found.  I’ll check again in a few days.  It’s not a big thing and most likely a mistake but it bummed me out after my shabby performance.
  • And the Giants lost Game 6 – jeez, for the love……..

But the batter’s swing observation thingy is still instructive.

It wasn’t much of a bad day but days like these make ya’ feel like you’re never gonna get there.  At least the weather came through – 68 degrees and delicious sunshine and no humidity – same as yesterday, same as tomorrow.

But what choice do I have?  I’ll re-run my misses in my head and try and think of any takeaways

Takeaway#1 – For sure – I realized that I wasn’t aiming for the 12 o’clock of the hole (i mean really? i spend all that time figuring out a technique to try and then totally forget to do it – even though I reminded myself while pulling into the club).

Doing drills without focus is like cooking without a recipe and not thinking about what you want to cook.

When i remembered finally –  it made a big difference in drawing my putting line.  After I did that I actually noticed an improvement and even managed to get close on a couple double breaks.

Takeaway#2:  putting in the afternoon on a sunny day – the green runs a lot faster (duh – but i had a hard time adjusting)

Takeaway#3: even on an upslope, if the hole is at the apex of the green I have to pay attention to where the water drainage holes are because once i did i knew where the ball was most likely to roll should it pass the hole and that made for interpreting the breaks better

My mind just wasn’t in it.  I kept paying attention to other players and stuff.

Oh well.  Nothing sleep can’t cure I guess.

Bah & Humbug!!


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