Euraka – Maybe, Coiling & Syncing the Backswing

My mini-Eureka moment this morning regarding the backswing set-up, after running my weekly 2-mile run, is as follows:

ben hogan hip swing

From Ben Hogan’s book “The Five Fundamentals of Golf” – a classic

Your hips are not supposed to turn at the same time as your shoulders!  In order to generate power in the “battery” of your swing – which apparently is your “core” muscle group around your waist and belly – you need to try and keep your hips where they are as you start the backswing and have your arms force them to turn.

But it’s even better if you manufacture some resistance with your stomach muscles so that, in effect, you hip area acts as the top of a bottle cap and you only let them turn when they have to.  When you do that – you will also feel the strain and resistance along the inside of your legs and right down the center of your belly button – and this resistance acts as the generator for effecting that famously called-for hip-twist, left-knee bend and left-foot heel pull-up (if you’re right handed) when you are at the top of your back swing.


If you do this your body coil will almost force you to stop your turn and yearn to twist the other way.  It’s a natural lag producer as well.

So my takeaway is that I’ve been not-generating power and having a hard to syncing my swing BECAUSE I’ve been rotating my shoulders at the same time as my hips.  There is no lag in between.  The trick is to keep my hips parallel to my target line until they are forced to turn.  But, in reality, they will not turn as much as my shoulders and my shoulders should not turn as much as my hands.  If I do this I will have a better chance of creating the image of a line-of-skaters spinning around in a circle on an ice-rink where the middle skater is basically motionless but the skater on the end of the line is swinging around at ridiculous speed.

In essence I’m trying to create torque much like a wheel turning when accelerating from a dead stop.

So the rotation on the backswing should enact muscle usage in this order:  Hands – Shoulders – Hips – Knees – Feet (i guess the feet represent either the skater at the other end of the string of skaters or the skater in the middle – I’m not sure) and then the reverse Feet/Knees/Hips moving as one to the left and then pulling the arms in tow.

Thinking about the batter’s swing – it makes sense because the batter usually has his bat in place for a forward swing even as he’s just beginning to left hi left foot or turn his forward-facing shoulder towards the approaching ball.

Anyway – the next time I start practicing my 3-wood or even my pitching wedge, I’m gonna try and see if I can keep my hips from rotating until the have to…….


So let it be written – so let it be done – Happy belated Halloween


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