Daily Diary: StarDate 110420141849PM: BOO & Bah Humbug Routine Day

Captain’s Log (that’s right – Original Star Trek a la James T Kirk fan – right here!!)

Hey.  So this routine stuff is getting pretty routine.  Bah Humbug.  This morning – dare i say it – I was tempted to skip my wednesday 30 minute putting practice session.  I’ve been doing it regular now for about 3 or 4 weeks.  And I must admit I’ve developed some muscle memory on how I set up to a putt.  Perhaps scratching the surface of the type of muscle memory i would need to perform in a local tourney.  takeaway points:

  • Went putting today.  60% 2-putts from 30+ yards out going right to left with very subtle break at the top of a tongue-shaped green
  • Grass was damp but not dewey and day was bright due to day light savings.  think “Good Day Sunshine,” by the Beatles.
  • Continued focusing on identifying the 12 o’clock position of the hole so i can judge what direction the ball should gravitate towards as it slows.
  • Then did a round of quick-fire round-the-clock shots from 6 feet or so out
  • Totally overshot those but adjusted well from the 1 o’clock to 4 o’clock positions
  • Putted in the morning and after work
  • Work was a little perturbing today.  I’ll have to travel for some sales thing Sunday night.  It’s only one day but …anyway – long story.
  • After work I did well. struck the ball well.  it felt good.  i felt grounded.  i was trying to let the day go.
  • And i did a little bit.  Golf felt like a soft familiar friend for a moment.  Something that would always be there.
  • I need to keep remembering to:
    • frame the hole in my mind into a bigger circle…. maybe as wide in diameter as 20 feet or more..enough to capture important terrain and slope info…
    • and imagine how it is laying on the surface – and then
    • once I identify the north pole of 12 o’clock position – draw out 4 quadrant and then begin thinking of my putt relative to where my ball in on the clock and relative to getting to the 12 oclock position
    • Putting Hole Clock face based on N-S fault line

      Putting Hole Clock face based on N-S fault line


4 thoughts on “Daily Diary: StarDate 110420141849PM: BOO & Bah Humbug Routine Day

  1. Great to hear you are still actively practicing. All your hard work will pay off. Have you hit the links lately? If so, how as your confidence when putting…not the result but your confidence? Believe it or not, confidence is key to great putting and it is achieved by practice. Say goodbye to the YIPS!



  2. Great work, the practice and routine will definitely pay dividends! Keep at it.

    Jim makes a great point about confidence. It’s all about building confidence in golf. Don’t overlook building your confidence away from the course. Try writing affirmations and read them daily. They can be as simple as “I am a great putter”, or something more tailored to your routine.

    Good luck!



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