First Round in 2 weeks ~ 77(+5)

Congrats and I couldn’t agree more. When I draw my line it’s very useful to find a spot close to the ball, a different shade of grass, a speck of debris. It helps reduce anxiety over mis-alignment (so long as you don’t lose the spot while approaching the ball) and then you can just focus on executing a good stroke. I can only daydream about a long game that even comes close to your “cold-off-the-bench” play at this point in my journey though so hats off and coolio!

My Journey 2 Scratch

5307917592_916b56c7d1_zI finally got to actually play a golf round!  Been battling a sore back for the past week, but this past Thursday, I met up with a couple friends and we played a round over at Riverwalk golf club.  Not having been able to actually play in 2 weeks, I didn’t come in with high expectations, but maybe that was a good thing because after the first tee shot, I knew it was going to be a good day.  I ended up shooting a 77(+5).  My long game was locked in and I hit a total of 11 out of 14 fairways!  I only hit 9 of 18 greens, but never missed a green by much and 5 of them missed just short either because of spinning off the front or a misjudging of the wind.  I account that to not playing much over the past couple months, as being…

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