Watching People at the Airport

Watching people at the airport in Phoenix Arizona . Waiting for my plane . Still have about 2 hours to go. Travel is OK if it’s not too long.

Would rather be putting tho fo’ sho’.

Caught a little bit of WGC and HSBC tournament last night. Who says Asia isn’t taking over the world? They have all the money right? My how the tides have changed in just a few years. I remember when Hong Kong was pre-china and still belonged to the Brit.

Found a good viewing seat with an electric outlet Boo Yah!

Here r some tunes for your Monday
Summer rain by Cloud
Feel by Lisa Shaw
Here I Am by David Morales
Nightlights by Polyphonics
One heart by Kaskade

And if you don’t want upbeat dance tunes you can always turn on Aja by the one and only Steely Dan.

Happy Monday!



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