Daily Diary, StarDate Thursday Nov 13 – Rolling Routine

Figured I’d mix it up instead of my usual StarDate 111320141122AM (date/time).putt2

  • Didn’t run this week due to business travel to Phoenix (not the band haha – the city)
  • Putted Yesterday and today
  • Yesterday made 60% of 2-putts from over 30 feet, uphill left-to-right (felt great)
  • Today made 50% of 1-putts from within 10 feet (felt not-so-great)
  • Grass direction really impacted my reads i’m beginning to figure
  • Kept trying to imagine the 12 o’clock spot with a large circle so i could figure out the plane and aim my target line accordingly to get the ball to drop in at the 12 o’clock mid-line (still not that good at it)
  • Mental note – the direction of the grass (how the landskeeper actually washing it down) really impacts the last foot of ball path when the grass is really damp (it rained last night so the grass was really moist but still firm)
  • I like playing on damp grass
  • Also – note – need to read up on ball behavior going uphill – it seems like the ball breaks into the upslope when putting uphill because often i find it going left when i think right. in other words – ball path uphill seems to contradict my assumptions.  There has to be some guideline to ball behavior downhill versus uphill…
  • I do feel however – that I’m getting my set-up routine down pat – i still do the line up, practice stroke while facing the target line, adjust vertical-ness of grip, address the ball, tap 3 times – each time pushing the putter face angle forward more to make sure its flush (i have a particular claw grip and straight-back stroke) while completing an exhale, and then begin my stroke counting 1 on the backstroke as I inhale and then 2 when i exhale

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