Retro Entry No.1: Let the Learnins’ Begin with One for the Chipper

So – like I mentioned in my just-previous note – I’m gonna just randomly post stuff that’s been in my notebook from the beginning of the year.

I will call these retrospectives in learning golf or something like that – maybe kitchier.   Many are from watching the golf channel or some other show and taking notes from some pro on the Champions Learning Center or one of the swing fundamental shows with Martin Hall or somebody or just stuff from wandering the web.  Other stuff is just observation and thought processing – I seem to do that a bit.  And I may wax poetic along the way.  Makes for much better reading mixing it up this way – I figure, versus just recounting my Daily Diary – which is great for me but who else wants to read that stuff.  Of course, I’ll make edits along the way – as I seem to be doing already as I write this entry.  What’s kinda neat is

So with that – let the following series of retro-entries begin.


On Chip Technique

  • January 27th, 2014, Note to self:  Place the ball far behind the right foot (for right handers).
    • (edits added today Nov 29:As it turns out – in retrospect I really figured out that I need to place the ball opposite my right big toe and sometimes further by a smidge because i stand more open than most). But sometimes it seems placing it way further back makes sense.  This is what Bubba does, I believe.  Place it about 2 inches behind the right pinky toe.

This creates an automatic leaning of the shaft towards the target so the front edge can really get to the ball first.  (For me, I do this in a sorta opposite way.  I keep the ball closer to the middle of my stance and open my stance slightly and set-up with my grip edged over towards my left hip like I’m pushing the club towards the target.  It looks like an odd set-up but the club grip is well ahead of the ball and I feel more comfortable that way and my take away from this position keeps my angles in place from the get go.)

Add-on note: found this photo of Butch Harmon showing a set-up online.

#end entry#

Butch Harmon demos a chip shot set up

Butch Harmon demos a chip shot set up


4 thoughts on “Retro Entry No.1: Let the Learnins’ Begin with One for the Chipper

  1. SVG

    I like your article. There a hundred different ways to chip the ball effectively and every teaching pro will have their favorites. Alignment and ball placement is very important. I have found that weight distribution is key for me. I put about 80% of my weight on my lead foot and solid contact on the ball is almost assured. Keep the articles coming.



  2. Good write-up. I am a believer in taking notes when you practice (or especially when getting a lesson) to refer back to later. Documenting improvement in writing is also great for the confidence. Keep it up!



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