RETRO Entry No.2: Miscellaneous Observation – Now that’s a ‘Tall Glass of Water”

Original Stardate Jan 27th:

Duke Ellington used to have a steak, a potato and a warm glass of water for breakfast because he didn’t know when he’d eat again during the day.Duke Ellington

I heard that at the beginning of the year while on the training commuting during a radio show on KCSM and thought maybe there’s something to drinking a warm glass of water in the morning to start your day (before I have that cup of coffee).  Maybe this could be a good ritual or practice routine.

Since then, I’ve started the habit of having a warm glass of water in the morning.  Sometimes before coffee, usually after and usually with a bowl of oatmeal.  I’ll do this when I get to work.  I’ve heard from (many of my friends in….) the Asian community that having a glass of water (warm) is good for the body.  It wakes you up and wakes up your body.  Plus it helps with memory and brain functioning.  I even remember hearing Howard Stern uses it – and ,think what you may about his radio show, he’s one of those maverick personalities that seems to chart his own path, something I admire and he’s withstood heavy obstacles to get to where he is so I take that into consideration and figure all these data points point to something useful. [added comment nov 30th – i know these are dis-jointed data points and i haven’t listened to Howard in a long time but it’s weird how my brain works and associates data some times.  i’m a little like “HUH?” myself – but I guess i have no one to complain to but my younger self – haha]

Takeaway pointer – a tall glass of warm water in the morning is a good way to start the day.


A Warm Glass of Water is a Good Day Starter

Added Comments Nov 30th:  In retrospect this is the beginning of me thinking a little bit more about what I eat and how to stay thoughtful about my nutrition as it relates to my long term ability to play golf – including avoiding chronic age-based diseases that are preventable if you eat right – not to mention keeping my joints happy.  Plus I think I drink to much caffeine as it is.

Epilogue – Now, when I get to work, I have a bowl of oatmeal and a tall cup of very warm water before I have any coffee.  I sustains me right through lunch and I’m energetic and alert.  It’s a good routine.


Yummy Oatmeal