Retro Entry No.3: Addressing the Ball – Sir Nick Faldo says….

Addressing the ball.   I wonder where there phrase came from.

Addressing the ball_Faldo-posture

Nick Faldo demonstrates addressing the ball with your weight on the balls of your feet

Nick Faldo (according to one of the Golf Channel shows) says you should stand like you’re on the Balls of your feet.  Almost as if you’re tipping over.

I remember trying to do that – and I get the idea that you want all your joints – everything that is spherical I guess – to be aligned so I guess that makes for a much more fluid motion.

But I also read (later during the year) that you should plant yourself firmly and feel the heels of your feet solid on the ground.  That was from the Hogan book on Five Fundamentals.  So I don’t know about this.

Perhaps Tom Watsom says it best, and his suggestion works in both instances – that you should feel springy and ready for action like you could quickly pivot or jump in any direction.  He likens the address position to something like guarding another basketball player while he’s dribbling or standing in the outfield getting in a ready-position to scramble for a hit that goes in either direction – left or right.  It’s that ready-for-action-ness and ‘aliveness’ as Hogan refers to it, in the lower legs, that I think he’s going after.

I still need to figure this out and how best to get my hips aligned with my shoulders and balls-of-my feet.

Really.  [note to self added Nov 30 – yeesh sometimes I start fussing and feuding about how complicated this sport is to learn – I guess this is one of those moemnts….yowzers!!]…… And this is a sport that would should be able to pick up after a few lessons?  I don’t think so.  All we’re talking about is addressing the ball and that’s like ½ or 1 percent of the things I need to be aware of – this is not a sport for the faint of heart!!!.  And anyone who thinks this is a lazy sport doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  I think this sport is harder than most to assimilate.  And let’s not talk about the fact that it is rarely played on the same surface with identical weather or identical layouts (as in tennis courts, basketball courts, even football field – although they play in all kinds of weather as well) as in other sports.  Maybe I’m a little sore – but it tweaks me a bit when I say I play golf and people look at me like it’s not even a sport.  Bah and Humbug to them!

Here’s a link to a website that goes into detail on how to set up properly.  I snagged some of the photos I used from here – FYI.  Check out the various posture set-ups and guidelines below.!!

Address the Ball Posture_DavidL

Dave Leadbetter demos how to get into position

Addressing the Ball_LeadbetterGS-ShoulderLine

Aligning the shoulders, knees and balls of your feet

Address_w Kness from Perfectswing

A top view of how your knees should be just over the front part of your feet

Body Alignment_LeadbetterGS-alignmentlines

It’s a veritable world of alignment guides!

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