Daily Diary: Stardate 121520141250PM

haven’t had a chance to do my full routine last week or this.  missed running.  it’s been raining cats and dogs in NoCal lately.  But the couple times I was able to practice putting last week boy were those green lush and “carpet-like”.  AND I started employing Grateful Golfer’s advice and just did the cardinal numbers routine…. in other words placing golf balls like cross-hairs (12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock lines) around the putting hole from 3, 6 and 9 feet. Mostly 3 & 6 feet. And trying to make all 4 in at each distance in a row or all 3 balls in 1 line in a row or just all the balls from a certain distance in a row for as long as I can.

I overlayed my other two techniques (borrowed from others again – my training seems to work that way…) – of determining where the true-north or 12 o’clock position is and then judging in which of the 4 quadrants my ball was sitting (in case i wasn’t perfectly aligned when I placed them down) and using the standard (somewhat predictable but not always perfect) information from that data to judge my line with the intent of getting my ball to drop in from the 12 oclock north point on all putts.  So if I was in the NW quadrant (from 9 – 12 oclock) I know the ball will want to curve in from left-to-right as it approaches the hole and vice-versa if I’m putting between 12 oclock and 3 oclock, etc..  The trick is to read how the clock face sit right.  If you miss-read your true north point the ball won’t behave properly.  BUT the good news is, the balls behavior can also help you work backward to find your true north point after a few strokes – so you can get it just right.   Once determined, I find this to be a useful tool and one that can be employed with consistency and accuracy.  Which makes me feel this could be a “keeper” routine.

It worked well.  Enough so to give me confidence.  It really solidified my sense of “Hey, I’m getting in a good routine!!”

I also got a new putter but I’ll talk more about that later.

Otherwise – I’ve been amiss with my blogging, retro-blogging, and practicing just because of holidays and stuff.

On the Mental & Psychological Front:  Plus a couple days last week I was completely in the dumps.  I felt like I was getting no where with all my practicing.  Not because the putting drills weren’t satisfying but because I’m still just working on my short game.  Nothing yet on long irons or drivers.  It feels like I have such a long way to go (pun intended). But sometimes I guess that’s the pain of being persistent.  I really felt like I was wasting time and like I should just give up this whole thing about pursuing golf.  I have no idea where that sentiment came from but it came on strong.  I just wished I was further along in feeling like I was reasonably competent to actually play a full round of golf.  I mean, I haven’t even gotten into getting the basics on the rules and crap for crimmenies sake!  And I’ve been actively pursuing the sport for over a year with commitment and easily two years off-and-on.  So I devolved a little bit.

And then it passed.  But I haven’t picked up a club for more than 4 days which is irregular – but my passion is coming back.

I really need to get lessons and maybe find a practicing buddy.

I gonna start jotting down my resolutions for next year but lesson, i think, finally have made it to the top of the list.  I think self-enlightenment is a good thing but sometimes it’s better to no make it so hard and follow some poignant professional advice.  My daughter reminded me of that as she continues to excel at track and viola playing.  When in doubt – seek out help from those who know even when you want to be your own self-created super-hero.  Or, at least be open to instruction.  Right?  right.

SVG-out for now.


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    • svgolfer

      I certainly am on most days and reading blogs like yours and hearing from others who strive and struggle yet maintain the joy is like wind in my sails fo’ sure. Thx to you and all for the gr8 online vibes. And happy golfing holidays!!


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