Retro-Entry: Full Swing Random Notes, Tom Lehman

Some random notes from watching a Golf Channel show on full swing basics earlier this year.  If you missed it since my last entry a week or so ago – I’m clearing out my notebook of handwritten notes and observations from throughout the year under the moniker “Retro-Entry” (self-indulgent yes but useful in helping me track my progress and thinking as I plan for 2015. Plus, sometimes things stick better when you write them down).  Oddly enough, getting better at planning my golf improvement regimen was one of my 2014 new year’s resolutions.

These notes were taken back in January 2014 when my attitude was very keen.

  1. Some players strike the ball in the same place for all their shots – like Tom Lehman does

    Tom Lehman at Champions

    • Others move the ball position based on shot type (more traditional instruction)
    • Takeaway point: there are no true fundamentals for ball placement. (side-note to self today – but still there aren’t many schools of thought here.  you have to have a clear methodology that you use consistently and for most players I know of, moving the balls position for a pitch shot compared to a full swing is the way to go.)
  2. The left knee controls the swing of the club at the beginning of the downswing NOT the left shoulder. (side-note added today.  often i find myself thinking that so much about golf is backwards and seemingly upside-down – hit down to go up, use your lower body to make action with your upper body, shift your weight without moving your feet, twist and turn to hit something straight, not to mention “Go ahead and get this 4.5 inch white ball to fly in the air and go into a hole not much wider far off in the distance you can’t even see it – you have 3 tries…… aaaaaaaand GO!!” – sometimes this sport bemuses me ha!)
  3. Tom Lehman has a slide/block swing

    Tom Lehman1

    Tom Lehman’s block swing. He really rocks with his lower body.

  4. Not everyone swings full through especially as you get older

See – there’s hope for everyone (added later included older players like me – so perhaps I’m not chasing fool’s gold after all – great tune BTW – “Fool’s Gold” that is.  Eighties tune I think but can’t remember the band).

Also – Gary Player is very funny.  Some of his quips when talking to Martin Hall during an outdoor special had me rolling in stitches.  The guy cracks me up.  What a nice guy funny guy!  Who knew!


One thought on “Retro-Entry: Full Swing Random Notes, Tom Lehman

  1. SVG, you have many thoughts that do not really intersect, but that is the way of any golfer! “Fools Gold” was written the The Stone Roses in 1989, wikipedia.

    As we all get older, getting through the ball is tough. Working on flexibility is my solution. Have a Happy Holidays.



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