Retro-Entry No 5 I think: Back-swing & Down-swing Random Notes

These notes came from watching a show with Gary Player.

There are many ways to set-up to a back-swing, different alignments to target, on plane of off (Like Furyk or Nickalaus).  But there is only one way to begin the down swing – finding a way to shift weight to the left

  • At impact, the weight is on the left, the body is open, there’s good rotation
  • And you finish the shot on the right toe
  • How to you initiate the shifting of the weight – there are several ways to do this:
    1. Pull down with the left hand (this is the British Style) (note added: “what the hell is the British Style?!!!”)
    2. Kick your right knee in (Gary Player did this)
    3. push your hip to the left as a result of turning
    4. (added later) let your arm drop before turning. and sometimes I found that if you lift your left heel on the upswing (almost like a baseball player during wind up) that pinning your left heel back down to the ground BEFORE you initiate the downswing is a good thing.)

the KEY: is to rotate your power base which lives between your knees and elbows.  This is your core.  It’s all about your gut. (and your glutes apparently)


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