Retro Blog Entry No.6 – Golf equipment news Jan 2014, 1-year ago

Notes from my Jan 2014 notebook.

1. Check out the “Vessel” (not sure why, they do custom golf bags but I wrote down that it was a cool online app – hmmm)

2. In the NEWS:  During the beginning of the year, golf technology (on Morning Drive & in Golf Digest etc.) stories seemed to be all about Adjustability in drivers and hybrids.  For irons, it was all about thinner and hotter faces.

(Note to self) I wonder if this really is all about game improvement or if there’s a little bit of deliberate engineering with less material (which translates into less costs and maybe better profit margins in addition to game improvement potential.  I mean, golf club manufacturers churn out way too many new clubs they need some way to keep the price and innovation equation working…no?).  Whatever the case, things like Tungsten are being added to the club faces and Adams Golf introduced something called Pure Effect.

So many choices.  More to digest and factor in – but even Leadbetter now says there is no excuse for even amateur golfers not getting the right equipment that perfectly fits their body and play.  I would just add, once you’ve gotten a few lessons under your belt to make it worth the investment.

Also, there was a lot of talk about who will anchor the golf world now that Tiger is/was out of the picture for the time being.

(2015 Add-on Note – I guess that’s worked itself out – at the time there was still a lot of speculation on Rory.  My time’s have changed haven’t they?)

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