Daily Diary Retro-Notes No7 Feb 2014 – Jarrod Lyle Inspirational Story

Around this time last year this is what I have jotted down in my golf notes and observations book. Hmmm.  Guess I was watching a lot of TV.

From Feb-ish 2014.

1. An Inspiring Golf Story, Jarrod Lyle (from the Golf channel) – Lukemia golfer.Jarod Lyle
Like this story. Provides a good perspective as a husband, a father and a survivor and lover of golf.
He’s suppose to be making a comeback in late (Oct) 2015 – keep a look out for him

(Epilogue 02/2015 note: I haven’t heard of him in the news or anything…. So I Binged around and found that he made the cut at the Fry’s Open this past fall 2014 here in Napa, CA just a little while north of San Jose. He’s an Australian golfer who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 – something hard to manage as a family I know – and didn’t know if he could ever return to the Tour – very inspiring.).

Epilogue note#2: Also – if you’re ever in San Jose, Frye’s is a great electronic-gamer-everything computers-superstore – lots of stuff you could never really find in one place and an IT tech-geek’s haven with other consumerables thrown in.  Kind of a rare innovation-meets-consumer-electronics type of a place – purely FYI.

2. Hopkins Golf – I like this concept of a small manufacturer selling custom Tour-level wedges direct. This business model makes sense. And I imagine the product should be good just because the manufacturer is not trying to be all things to all people and has a specific target niche.  Epilogue note #3:  Plus – it’d be nice to get custom wedges one of these days when I’m kickin’ Johnny Walker’s or Matt Kuchar’s butt – hahah!! (Look into this – note to self.)  https://hopkinsgolf.com/page/indexhopkins golf
3. The Morning Drive has a new book club (self note: worth checking out, I’m not a big book reader but I can read a ton of golf magazines but maybe a good golf book might change my reading habits).  One recommended book is titled “Arnie, Seve and a Fleck of Golf History: Heroes, Underdogs, Courses and Champions”  Hmmph.


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