David Leadbetter – Tips on Golf & Golf Instruction

Continuing with my self-indulgence of documenting my “retro-notes” from my golf and observations notebook from last year – below are some Leadbetter notes that I gleaned once again by watching TV.  I’m not doing this just for grins.  I know I wrote these down because I either found the points interesting or thought provoking but also because I thought they’d be worth remembering as I sought to take my practice regimen seriously.  Of course, at the time – for a variety of reasons including money, time commitment and maybe even a belief that sheer will and desire could help me improve my game along with a little help from TV programs and magazines – I was not willing to entertain formal golf instruction.  That changed towards the end of the year and maybe one day I look back and think of 2014 as a pivotal year in my golfing golfiness apprenticeship journey.

TrackmanDave Leadbetter – On Golf Instruction In GeneralDavid Leadbetter1

  1. First –  analysis has improved – thanks to pervasive video-access and smartphone apps and things like, Trackman.
  2. Second – equipment is far more precise and varied to the point that each player can get what fits him/her exactly
  3. Third – physical readiness is important (hmm – I guess way more so than just a few decades ago? – golfers sure seem hecka way more athletic these days AND bigger, as in, taller -)
  4. Fourth – the common uncommon observation – equipment, technique, physical, mental and nutritional aspects are all important.
  5. Tangent – Calvin Peete – a golfer worth looking up and reading about
  6. The importance of glutes in your swing?  They let you shorten your backswing.
  7. On the backswing – Shorten it. (self note: hmmm really?).  Importance of arms and body to sync.  The swing of the club and the body rotation must sync. (self note:– I guess what he’s saying is it’s better to have a shorter swing and keep everything in sync than it is to try and over-extend the backswing in order to improve something like power.)
  8. On the biggest mistakes by Amateurs
  • The grip.  Check it.  Grip with your fingers (NOT your palms).
  • Keep club head outside the hands – for example like Jim Furyk, Jack Nicklaus or Calvin Peete all of whom kept the club head outside.  (note: he seemed to suggest this is contrary to more classic training methods).
  • Pursue a simple back swing – just stand the shaft up.

2 thoughts on “David Leadbetter – Tips on Golf & Golf Instruction

  1. SVG, I like the “retro-notes” review. Calvin Peete was certainly a wonderful player and even though won a Players Championship and 11 other Tour wins. I saw him play in person at the ’83 US Open at Oakmont where he finished T4.

    Nice points you make on the technology and nutrition. Makes you wonder how many times Hogan or Nicklaus or Bobby Watkins or even Miller Barber would have won in the contemporary era. Or Trevino….

    I look forward to reading more of your musing. I’m enjoying your writing.


    • thank you – sometimes i wonder if i’m getting a little too self-indulgent but i know i wrote those notes for a reason and re-reading and then writing them helps bring some key points home. this weekend i’ll record some more if i don’t bring too much work work home with me.

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