Song List: Sunday – Time Outta Mind

Had a decent day yesterday.  Went to the range with my PW and 7-iron.  Perfect crisp 70 degrees clear blue sky.  Just butter!

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Took time to stretch – including my fingers and wrists.  With a bucket of 40 balls I’d say 50% had good flight path and fell within a respectable margin of target.  Another 15% were tugged left but hit far and straight.  Another 15% fade/sliced right.  A couple just shanked to the extreme right.  And a good 5-8% were like dead on.  Not too shabby.  I’ll take it for having just introduced a new swing adjustment.  Here’s a quick pass at the gory details for learning’s sake… thinking about it I did a lot better when I finally established the pre-swing routine and when I took less of a backswing but tried to focus on keeping my right elbow close to my right hip, focused on a full follow-thru AND trying to keep my left hand on or inside a line across my toes during the backswing.  I know, that last one sounds weird but that’s my attempt at trying to think my body to swinging inside-out.

What else did I do?

I made sure to swing thru and hold my finish until the ball landed.  I also followed GratefulG’s routine of starting to go thru a routine for each or almost each swing……

  1. stepping back,
  2. finding my line,
  3. finding a very precise target
  4. and then walking up and placing my clubbed down the line with my right hand and my feet together facing the target.

Then I move my left foot over until my left heel lines up with the golf ball and I step back with my right foot until I feel planted.

I was kinda making it up at first but then I got a rhythm going.  If it’s putting I can tell you I’ve got a real good routine for that since that’s much of what I practiced on this winter – but I decided I should try and make one up for irons.  So after set-up, I borrowed from my putting routine – I just stepped back to a parallel line and did 1-2-3 (sometimes 4-5) easy mini swings just to get a feel for when the leading edge would sweep the practice mat.  When I got it close to my left heel without chunking or digging but just swishy – usually that happens in the 1st or 2nd practice if I really just swing like it didn’t matter – I would step back up take one more gaze at my target and then swing with full intent to turn and hold a full finish.  I Don’t know – but it felt good towards the end of the bucket when my consistency started to dial-up.

Steely Dan - Gaucho

Steely Dan – Gaucho

And then – I went home – all jazzed at what I thought was respectable practicing session and ended up practicing my chip shot in the front yard with this new sturdy practice mat.  Work is still crazy but I’m happy I forced myself to get back into practice after a couple weeks off.

And here’s a song list of stuff I was listening to – just for grins…..

  • Time Out of Mind by Steely Dan on Gaucho
  • Sky High by Donald Byrd on Black Byrd
  • I.G.Y. by Donald Fagan on The Nightfly
  • Satellite by Günter on Ganging Up
  • Who Makes Your Money by Spoon on Transference


    Donald Byrd

  • Static Society by King Kooba on OM10 A Decade of Future Music
  • Optimistic by Tom Middleton on Lifetracks
  • III Street Blues by Moonrock on Café Del Mar Volume Series




Daily Diary: Backswing Practice n Balance

After warming up I was able to connect cleanly with 8 out of 10 swings. 6 swing drove the ball within 10 degrees of desired trajectory – nice straight hits. I hooked two and severely sliced 2 others. I need to continue turning all the way thru the swing and keep practicing bringing my right knee in.

I’m also trying to keep a tempo and to turn on my backswing until my back faces the target or my left shoulder touches my chin and or points to the ball.

I did the balance on one foot thing. Getting better. And I remembered to stretch. One more week and ill schedule lesson number 2.


Daily Diary – This too shall pass & Back to Basics

So a couple quick notes in continuation of my first training session.

My instructor was a nice enough and somewhat cerebral kinda guy and as flippant and almost psychiatric as he was throughout our session I find myself fully appreciating his technique because as busy as I’ve been with work crap – and let me tell ya’ a whole lot of crap is going on…. mostly at work but still…… how quickly those regular practice sessions disappeared as I’ve been head down in email minutiae and filling out work forms in triplicate a la Radar O’Reilly- all that said and I find myself tonight watching some golf FINALLY! and I think Tiger is at the second hole before he gets injured (at least that’s what I heard).

And so I’m running over things he said in my head. And I practiced standing on one leg for 10-25 seconds at a time. He said a great swing all started with balance. Admittedly I was nervous when he asked me to do that but still…. I was wobbly as a slice of standing jello. So I tried it tonight. I’m figuring out my left side is way more shaky then my right. I’m gonna keep on doing little balance exercises. Until I can stand solid on each leg. I can practice that at work, in the park, at the store – anywhere.

I also need to begin focusing on:

Swinging all the way thru and staying balanced

Watching my ball and staying in my finish position

Stay looser in the lower arms and hands

Be like a kid

Work on getting my right knee to move into finish position
Widen my stance

In my head I’m thinking I need to do this twice – going thru practice swings with these goals in mind – a week maybe going to the range for two weeks before setting my second lesson.

That’s all I got for today,

Now where’d i put that stapler?