Daily Diary – This too shall pass & Back to Basics

So a couple quick notes in continuation of my first training session.

My instructor was a nice enough and somewhat cerebral kinda guy and as flippant and almost psychiatric as he was throughout our session I find myself fully appreciating his technique because as busy as I’ve been with work crap – and let me tell ya’ a whole lot of crap is going on…. mostly at work but still…… how quickly those regular practice sessions disappeared as I’ve been head down in email minutiae and filling out work forms in triplicate a la Radar O’Reilly- all that said and I find myself tonight watching some golf FINALLY! and I think Tiger is at the second hole before he gets injured (at least that’s what I heard).

And so I’m running over things he said in my head. And I practiced standing on one leg for 10-25 seconds at a time. He said a great swing all started with balance. Admittedly I was nervous when he asked me to do that but still…. I was wobbly as a slice of standing jello. So I tried it tonight. I’m figuring out my left side is way more shaky then my right. I’m gonna keep on doing little balance exercises. Until I can stand solid on each leg. I can practice that at work, in the park, at the store – anywhere.

I also need to begin focusing on:

Swinging all the way thru and staying balanced

Watching my ball and staying in my finish position

Stay looser in the lower arms and hands

Be like a kid

Work on getting my right knee to move into finish position
Widen my stance

In my head I’m thinking I need to do this twice – going thru practice swings with these goals in mind – a week maybe going to the range for two weeks before setting my second lesson.

That’s all I got for today,

Now where’d i put that stapler?




3 thoughts on “Daily Diary – This too shall pass & Back to Basics

  1. Office Space – on my top 5 and certainly a desert island pick.

    I love the “play like a kid” concept. I’m interested to know if he ever introduces levels of gamification to you, especially with short game stuff.

    I like the sounds of your trainer. I also stand on one leg, then switch to the other. And yes, I’ve done it in the supermarket 🙂


    • copy that Rick. we’ll see about the gamification but when he suggested play like a kid it changes my whole frame of mind – like i was trying to skip a stone at a pond or something – it just freed me up from a lot of tension even tho’ I still shanked a few – I did change my perspective – It’s not about controlling the ball it’s about freeing myself to have fun. And then of course – I went right back to being an adult with work headaches and everything else in like 30 seconds. i guess that’s why this is a journey thing… thanks

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