Hey – this isn’t a golf course


Sitting here thinking about playing a local 9-hole course this weekend and chomping at the bit to get this work week over with. Just finished a major trade show that went well. Also thinking about something I heard while watching a John Daly special – all the real power in the swing comes from cocking the wrists.

I understand this conceptually especially when thinking about analogs like a baseball throw or a tennis forehand BUT when I checked out my swing I barely hinge my wrists at all. I’m using my arms and body more than anything. So I think I’ll play around with wrist action as I do my homework lessons over the weekend.

Picture Fred Flinstone sliding down the dinosaur’s back and jumping into his car. That’s me in 2 hours.

Yabba Dabba…. Schwing!

Shout out to my Hoyas making the first cut in March Madness! FYI you can’t shoot a jump shot with a flat static wrist. You gotta cock and then roll that wrist for the trajectory and finesse and nuthin but net – right?

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