A Couple of Good Golf Instruction Sites

For all of us who are constantly perusing the web for the holy grail of video and other types of instruction I offer up these two just for grins.

The PGA’s Instruction Site – has decent short videos from tour players and instructors.  I’m sure the USGA does too but haven’t checked:


And, while I was at the PGA Super Store several months back I came across this little booklet with tons of basics and fundamental check-points, warm-up exercises and stuff that were literally quite amazing if I do say so myself.  Who knew you needed to stretch your wrists and fingers before you play?

Have I said it before? – this is a journey of continuous learning and exploration.  Maybe that’s why we Silicon Valley types keep chomping at the bit.  You never reach the “I know this down cold” phase.  Instead, it’s a constant “Who Knew?” and “Riddle Me That,” and “What the ?@# heck – you’ve gotta be kidding!” and “Aaah – that makes sense”, as you turn every painstaking corner.

GOGI – (stands for Game of Golf Institute) – FYI if you come across a little booklet in any golf store with their acronym across the front it’s totally worth the $10-20 bucks (not intended as an endorsement just an opinion).


Happy surfing, reading and viewing.  With my current work load and the ton of other books, magazines and recorded golf shows I try a get to every week (or month) I barely’ve had a chance to dive into these but I will.  There are many more resources out there and this is not to negate the great tip from the Grateful Golfer on the swath of good YouTube stuff out there (note to self – check out GG’s posting on that to help shrink the search time allotted).



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