Tips from the Pro – Solid Foundation, Speed and Healthy Golf

Good stuff thank you. I’m not in the area but your speed drills I will take to heart. I’m also thinking doing a few sit ups everyday might not hurt either. The golf swing seems to force the body to obey celestial orbiting laws with the body core or literally the solar plexus grounding and holding all body parts and planetary objects like the hands shoulders knees and elbows in perfect elliptical balance as they spin round – sometimes it seems this game is a metaphor for managing the many zodiac type influences that drive our day to day because every principle that stands for executing a good golf swing equally applies to managing a good daily life at work with friends and at play. Thx!

Golf Now! Chicago's Blog

White Hawk CC Duane BorcherdingBy Duane Borcherding, PGA Professional & Director of Golf, White Hawk Country Club

The golf season for Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicagoland area is just about here.  To help you get off to a good start this golf season, here are some of my tips to help you with your game.

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