Faith, Fear and Tom Watson at the Masters

What’s awesome about The Masters is how the pundits wax poetic about humans frailties foibles and feats during this time of year.

Stories swim around attributes and topics such as Tiger Woods faith and courage to come back during such a big tournament after such a sore start to the year and with so much on the line.  Some may have called it silliness or stupidity but after Day 1 it looks like it was at least a semi-sage decision.

Rory has the weight and perhaps the fear of history and the promising future breathing down his psyche as perhaps Jordan may as well…. trying to capture a place in the youngest ever catalog.

And there are countless other attributes swimming around all the players from Westwood to Watson (Bubba that is) like persistence, practice, stick-to-routineness, patience, humility, playing one’s game and being bold.

The story lines continue.

And then – the thing that gives me hope for my teeny tiny golf aspiring ambitions – Tom Watson comes in under par and his age starts with the number “6”.

And I think to myself – Hmmm – “I should at least be able to make some waves in a local amateur tournament by the time my digits roll up and start with that number – right?”

Top it all off with a tribute to the youngins’ playing ‘large-and-in-charge” and with heart and the glee of youth during the Drive, Chip Putt tourney this preceding week – and the well of golf springs eternal and enthusiastically for me once again.

Meanwhile – I’m in San Luis Obispo checking out a local college – Cal State Poly – for my daughter.  We passed Pebble Beach on the way down.  Sigh….Maybe I’ll grab a picture and post it on the way back.

At least I’m not in my cube…. life is good!

Here’s to Day 2!!!



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