First things first track meet

Hey how many yards to the pin? Wrong day – I mean the finish line.

My sweetie did great and her team with Mitty came in second at the regionals. I think they qualified for state finals. Sometimes life comes first.

On another note – while sick for the last two weeks I learned that the left shoulder is the center of the circle for the golf swing and my body type lends itself to a width power swing. More on that later


Reelin in the Yards


Back at it. Been at it but only in fits and spurts. Work is the albatross that it is – grateful tho I am to have it – and school plays and award ceremonies tap time even as they tap memory of My Ole School … Mostly putting back to the two putt tactics and still keeping my 60% metric… So just finished a day of meetings and who’s it’s and what’s that and who and a what now? … And couldn’t help appreciate a purple sky sunset with some whiffle golf and my 8 & 9 iron trying out my wider stance. Well “holy gee willakerz Batman, he’s working on his routine again!!” . Ill take it where I can get it. And the weeks almost over.
Time for dinner and a midnight call to the Mrs traveling on biz and know doubt having similar conversations. To the Batcave!!