When I Was in Paris – the hands and meaning of golf (for me)

Paris is such a great town.  But of course while I was there this past Holiday season, even with the great food, cafes, art, etc – I spent quite a bit of time looking for anything golf.  I hIMG_1176ad my computer and didn’t find too many golf courses near town so I was left with just finding some cool artifacts and stuff that are golf related.

I found these pair of glazed hands gripping a club in a store window – i think they were commissioned.  Talk about loving golf!


And, of course, I found many 60s and 70s posters on American music.  I haven’t posted any music lists lately or much of anything lately because I’ve been in a little bit of a rough patch with work and life and parenting and staying sane and all.  Silicon Valley is back in the bubble daze which means chaos chaos chaos.

Why do I golf?  Because i love it and it is something that I can control and that I can get increasingly competent at even if it takes a long time – it’s one of the few things that truly rewards persistence.

Plus, I think it’s an analog to self-discovery and cultivating many of the personal and life-lessons that give our world meaning.  It’s about balance, harmony, not over-stretching, playing within yourself, trusting, maintaining principles, justice, faith, simplicity, belief, visualization, heart, determination, gusto, passion and all that kind of stuff.

One example, I read somewhere that bunkers where placed on courses to protect against a person’s hubris or false pride and ego because usually a person hits a bunker when they are too full of themselves and over confident – thinking they can outdo the course designer or one-up their opponent because they are just better than most. Hah!  Golf is all about balancing the seven deadly sins against the beatitudes on a daily basis, day after day, hole after hole, swing after swing. Golf is about being in the NOW – not in the past and not pre-fetching the future.  Golf teaches us what it truly means to be human.  It’s a game of metaphysics and spirituality.  It is like music for me.  It reaches in deep.  Check out these posters below.

I’m waxing poetic probably because it’s been so long since I’ve written.  Talk about persistence.  Looks like I need to dust of that chapter again.


IMG_1194 IMG_1189 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1185 IMG_1184


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