Chambers Bay US Open – Get Your Groove on Music Play List

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a playlist.  Often I like to post tunes that get me in the groove when I’m heading to the driving range or the putting green.  Many a time, I’ve found myself pinching myself at how lucky I am – even as an aspiring amateur – to walk to lovely greens on a dewy crisp Silicon Valley morning and to be ensconced in nature’s beauty and surrounded by uplifting or cool riffy music.  Often too I find myself walking down memory lane to days gone by in ways that only music can provoke and smiling at the tapestry of thought wrapped in ambiance and reflection.

I just posted a pic of Tiger heading out for his last practice session with a pair of wireless headphones dancing around his neck.

I imagine there is many a golf player out there in the northwest doing the very same thing – turning to their go-to playlist and finding their jam or getting their groove and putting their heads on straight – in between pointers from their coach and media interviews.  I sure do wonder what they listen to and I wonder if the media might ever ask questions like that during the press conferences – it would definitely be something different to know about and could help mix up our understanding of these blade wand titans.

But I digress.  Here’s a melange of tunes (and album covers) I think are appropriate for the novel golf course and 1st-time tournament in Washington state.  Hope you enjoy it.  Being my typical self-indulgent self, I added personal notes here and there.  Who knows, maybe my daughter might read this blog years from now and she’ll at least have any idea what was making me tick all those times I insisted on going to the putting green.

Turn on your Spotify or Pandora or iTunes & Listen on  – SVGout.

(P.S. there are 15 songs and 15 is the age of the youngest player out there playing the US Open and it also represents the number of majors Tiger will have won if he wins this one and this is the 115th US Open.)

  1. Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun on Walking On A Dream
  2. A Fuller Moon by The Sea And Cake on Car Alarm
  3. Concrete Seconds by Pinback on Blue Screen Life (get it?  your computer goes blue screen just before it crashes and you have to re-boot.  wish life could actually work like that sometimes especially here in the Valley. but that really only applies to PCs not Macs so i guess i’m dating myself and maybe someone in the band)
  4. Dragonfly on Bay Street by Ron Sexsmith on Cobblestone Runway (upbeat but kinda lonely.  one of my favorites for putting.  wonder if Tiger feels like a dragonfly walking down a mainstreet right about now?)
  5. Breakdown by Miguel Migs on Outside The Skyline (good beat)
  6. Something About You by Daft Punk on Daft Club (total chill and memory lane tune)
  7. Year of The Cat by Al Stewart on Year Of The Cat (classic retro-tune from the days when analog and tape-to-tape ruled and there really was such a thing as a singer-songwriter.  it’s a shame they don’t make music like this anymore)
  8. Remind Me by Royksopp on Melody AM (always makes me think of flying out of SFO International Airport and traveling round the country and globe.  kinda existential.  it’s also the tune in the background of one of the GEICO commercials with the ape-man getting all flustered about something)
  9. Lasso by Phoenix on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (good tune for the driving range)
  10. Winter Nights by Cloud on Exceptionally Remixed 2 (think midnight, all is quiet and that single-malt scotch is just sublime)
  11. Let Go by NRBQ on Keep This Love Goin’ (dreamy, hopeful – everyone needs a little hope now and then, especially us amateurs, reminds me of moving alot and of some times in Boston, MA)
  12. New Frontier by Donald Fagen on The Nightfly (life is always a new frontier, especially around here where half the things you do and use weren’t even invented a decade ago – where’s my cheese?  we’ve gotta have some music on the new frontier!)
  13. Guess I’m Doing Fine by Beck on Sea Change (sad but positive)
  14. This Is The Life by Two Door Cinema Club on Tourist History
  15. Lisztomania (Classixx Version) by Phoenix on Kitsune Maison Compilation  (this one never gets old for me. snap your fingers, think those thoughts, get that groove, tap your feet and feel the techno hipster gidget gadget sound…)
Dragonfly On Bay Street

Dragonfly On Bay Street

Phoenix_Lisztomania_Wolfgang_Amadeus_Phoenix Daft Punk Cloud_Winter Nights Two Door CinemaThis Is The Life Royksopp-Remind Me BeckGuess I'm Doing Fine Al Stewart_Year of the Cat


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