Titleist Fitting for New Golf Clubs

This is great and depicts what a true fitting should be like versus some of the 10 minute stuff you might experience at your local popular golf store – no offense intended to these purveyors of golf goodies but suffice it to say it’s worth one’s while to get the real deal that covers things like lie, shaft type, flex points, height – all of it. This was so informative I’m re-blogging it. I had a mini version of the same during my recent lesson and it’s uncanny the things I learned – things like not even shafts are always perfectly balanced (think how you have to balance your tires when they’re mounted… well club shaft can wobble imperfectly around their own full-length axis as well which can seriously impact your swing – who knew?) – there’s so much to adjust that it is well worth the time and money to go to a fitter who really knows what he’s doing. Great stuff as always Grateful G!! Thx

The Grateful Golfer

DSCF4824Last Saturday, I took the opportunity to be fitted by a master golf club fitter. Jeff Stephenson, the Titleist Rep, took 1 hour and 45 minutes to fit me for irons, 3 hybrid, 3 wood, and a driver. He was professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable! I found the entire experience educational, enlightening, and just plain fun!

When I first arrived at Trillium Wood Golf Course, I met with the General Manager Greg Seemungal. He knew I was coming because my home course General Manager, Mike Claire, ensured all was good for my appointment. (Have to love great customer service!) Upon my arrival, Greg set me up with a bucket of balls so I could warm up prior to the fitting. The facilities at Trillium Wood Golf Course are first-rate and I highly recommend it be a golfing destination if you are in the area.

DSCF4825DSCF4821After introductions, Jeff asked me what…

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