Hal Sutton on the Fundamentals Of Putting, Part 1

Some quick notes on the fundamentals pertaining to putting from A Golf Channel special I watched not too long ago where Hal Sutton shared some professional tips.

Putting Routine

Part 1 – On Fundamentals of Putting:

No violence – meaning no sudden moves or shifts. Learn about speed control

A Nice Drill:

The 3 putt drill. Try to putt with the following 3 intentions – do these in a series of 10 or 20 at a time;

  • Try to hit the back of the hole (a hard putt)
  • Try to roll the ball so it dies at the lip of the hole and drops in
  • Try to putt right in the middle

This will help with finding the length of the stroke and the right speed of the stroke.

Interesting Fact – Did You Know? (I sure didn’t)

When a player puts the ballthe ball rolls the length of his/her hand in one revolution. Hmmm – I guess that means it travels often much further than you would assume so learning how this thing rolls is key. Think about it as you try to learn “true” speed.

SVG Side note: so much in golf entails getting to “true” something – true square face, true hit, a true swing (in the slot), etc…. it reminds me of truth being the ultimate ruler of all graces in great philosophies and paths to spirituality or self-knowledge or personal growth.  Truth – many paths to it (as there are many snowflakes of a golf swing) but only one truth for all.

Learn TRUE speed and you’ll learn how to putt well.  Of course, that speed changes from course to course, grass type to grass type, time of day, etc… – which is why you hear about players often finding their speed on a putting green when warming up for tournament play.


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