Which Putter is Best For You

Good short tips on putter selection

The Grateful Golfer

Using the proper putter is key to scoring low in golf! Many amateurs believe that the style of putter head is the key factor when selecting a putter. Of course, looks and feel are very important, however it is not the key point when putter shopping.

Basically, there are two types of putters. A face-balance putter and a toe-balanced putter. Each club is designed to help the golfer make solid contact on the ball to ensure the truest roll towards the hole.

When deciding which putter is best for your game, it is important to determine your natural swing plane with making contact with the ball. Does your putter head follow that square-square-square line; the inside-square-inside path; or the inside-square-square path? It is important to understand which of the putter head paths is most natural for you before deciding the type of putter you may need.

Once you have determined your putter path…

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