About SVGolfer

SVGolfer is an anonymous chronicling on an amateur golfer’s journey into improving his golf game, playing professionally, and living the micro-climate life that is Silicon Valley digital living.

There are many similarities between the path to good golfing and what it takes to becomes a start-up entrepreneur or innovator. Silicon Valley is the world capital of digital technology innovation and an amateur golfer could tranfer many learnings from one world journey into the other.

San Jose, the unsung hero of Silicon Valley, is the perfect place for an aspiring golfer to pursue this craft. It is, afterall, the Garden of Heavenly Delight – and home to the best micro-climate in the world. It is a place rich in diversity, culture, art, sports and golf courses – north and south – all year round.

Who could ask for a better more inviting valley to pursue this craft?

SVGolfer is an authentic unedited peek into how one guy is looking to take the wisdom he’s learned climbing the technology corporate ladder and applying it to his dream of becoming a professional golfer starting in 2013 and for the next 3 years.

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