Practice + Data Makes Perfect: Golf Technology for Your SmartPhone featured in Wall Street Journal

So yesterday we were talking about some of the lackluster programs coming out of the PGA to help grow game enthusiasm.

I mentioned that the industry is having a hard time reaching some core constituents including working-age enthusiasts like myself who are brand new to the game (nobody messages to me at all – it’s all about the college kids or the old geezer) and another cohort, mentioned in this article – called the “lapsed” golfer.  This guy or gal played before, lost time to do it, now has a mortgage and a couple kids and wants to get back but just can’t find the groove again.

The article is a decent read which you can find here:

Wall Street Journal Golf Gadget Article


WSJ Tech Article on Golf

Although it opens up by describing the challenges today’s ‘lapsed’ golfer faces when trying to get back into the sport, it spends more time reviewing some newer digital technologies that are meant to help the amateur golfer improve his/her game…..wait for it ….. AT HOME.

So you know I had to read on.  Some tech (no plug intended) was already mentioned here at the SiliconValleyGolfer…. like the Zepp glove gadget but all the products are worth mentioning so I’ll list them below.  Happy gadgeting.


WSJ Cover Photo

Last noteworthy note.  Although technology is coming a long way to help us fans improve both on and off the course for a lot less money and with access to a lot more information (Big Data comes to Golfing I guess) – the article made a good observation. … Nothing replaces the human eye and the ability for what was unfortunately referred to as “the antiquated human golf instructor” (yikes – but i think that image does prevail in the industry today if only for the non-avid fans) to combine disparate pieces of player visual data in order to provide a custom recommendation for improvement.  Mentioning the average price tag of $100/lesson underscored another fundamental gate-keeper to bringing new converts into the fold.

And now – the LIST.

  • SwingByte – Swing Analyzer and more……


  • Golf Glossary – a good iOS app for learning all things “golf terms” as if trying to connect with the ball wasn’t hard enough.

CNET Golf Glossary

  • Arccos Golf – Big Data meets improving your game by sticking sensors on your clubs and measuring everything.


Improve Your Swing App from Arccos

  • Garmin Golf Watch – a smart golf map with swing improvement and more

Digital Golf Tools form Garmin



  • Nike 360 – another great course golf map that SVGolfer discovered.  

Nike has a Great Map & More App


Nike 360

Why the WSJ article missed this popular app as well – I don’t know.

  • GolfLogix – another popular swing analyzer (rated #1 according to them)


Last advice:: punch in the term ‘golf’ on your smartphone and download some free apps or games.  I’m still a big fan of the fun virtual golf game  GLGolfLite.  And I learn a lot while playing it – stuff like how to factor in a break, or picking the right club – in a game like environment.  

SVG-over and out.



GPS Aerial Course Strategy App for iPhone – VPAR

This is an interesting free app that helps you strategize your course play like Tiger.  I have not downloaded yet but was impressed by their website.

Could be worth a gander.  Although, is it me or will there come a point where we just have too much technology and it’s removed human intuition from the equation?

Not sure.  Happy checking out.

VPAR iPhone Course Mapping App


iPhone Golf App

Knowledge is power, Knowledge is confidence

This Innovation is Wow and Not So Obvious – Trackman

Trackman!! da da dada da da dada da – Trackman!!

So if you have 5K sitting around and you want to see how each one of your strikes spin and land the golf ball …AND … you also want to get great 3D metrics visual analysis (HD and all) of your trajectory, roll and all that stuff – then this is worth checking out.


“Why aren’t these guys working with SVGolfer to set something up for local communities to host at-home golf parties or even compete virtually worldwide a la Virtual Wolrd Golf Tour?” [SVGolfer sidenote/note to self]. The possibilities are endless. Like, Golfsmith could host virtual tour competitions complete with stats to local neighborhood amateurs.


Again – this is pretty cool – but underscores just how exclusive this golf world can be and how it once was (and often still belongs to) a class that ruled during the Great Gatsby era – meaning it was never intended for the masses. Did I say that? So let me add – IMHO. And let me also add that this is part of the reason why the industry (sans Tiger) is facing such upheaval and turmoil and can’t seem to find it way out of a viewership and future-golfer’s slump.

It’s gotten so bad – case in point – that some muni and local golf holes are now offering Soccergolf or Footgolf to stay solvent. It just not right.

And we haven’t really begun to face the other challenges including how hard it is to move from humble practitioner to apprentice status and,at a macro level the growing costs of playing and the possibility of longer drought cycle’s and higher operational costs.

But all this aside – this is pretty cool.

Avatars and golf

Doctors office displays avatar model greets weight loss program person in training. Pretty cool shazzamo stuff.

Note to self – if you keep doing what you’re doing you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

I need visual self evaluation. Look into smartphone and PC iPad based avatar programs. Swing analysis and all.

Good for off season, mental mapping, imagination, and fun. Keeps the daily routine.

Is Sony play station or Logitech or some gaming company like EA offering a cheaper version of what they have on the GChannl big screen

Check something like duck quail or golfsmith also.