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Prelude to the Open – Riddle Me That & Hole Names at Chambers Bay

I was doing a little reading about the upcoming US Open and jotted down these interesting data points and things.  That’s what you do around here in the Valley – jot down data points and look for trends.  Everything’s always about measuring ROI and metrics.  Bah Humbug.  No trends here though – looks like there’ll be a lot of first for this first Washington State event.


Here are some facts and the names of the 18 holes at this year’s US Open at Chambers Bay in University Place – Washington State.  These are gleaned courtesy of the US Open Official magazine provided by the USGA.

  1. It’s a fine fescue grass course – a first for the US Open.  Tournament directors believe those who come and prepare early will benefit from their learnings about how this grass behaves.  It is not a flat blade grass like other course grasses but a very thin round blade that tends to grow in one direction.  Bouncing a ball into the grain can result in serious slow down in speed while balls traveling with the grain will move more quickly.  Note:  Fine fescue is not a singular turf type but is an amalgamation of several types of fescue – red, hard, Chewings and others.
  2. Chambers Bay was built on an abandoned sand and gravel mine.  The site was also home to a lumber mill, paper mill and a railroad hub.
  3. Steilacoom is the name of the Native American Indian tribe that inhabited the area prior to industrialization.  They established an ancient fishing village here.
  4. This will be the very first US Open hosted by Washington state in comparison to it’s southern cousin, Oregon, which has hosted 32
  5. It has the widest fairway in US Open history
  6. It has the steepest drop shot in US Open history
  7. It has the deepest bunker in US Open history
  8. For holes #1 and #18 the par will change from one day to the next ( a first for the US Open)


Ruins from the Mills

Ruins from the Mills

List of Hole Names (I like ’em, I like ’em alot)

  • Hole 1 – Puget Sound
  • Hole 2 – Foxy
  • Hoe 3 – Blown Out
  • Hole 4 – Hazard’s Ascent
  • Hole 5 – Free Fall
  • Hole 6 – Deception Point
  • Hole 7 – Humpback
  • Hole 8 – High Road Low Road
  • Hole 9 – Olympus
  • Hole 10 – High Dunes
  • Hole 11 – Shadows
  • Hole 12 – The Narrows
  • Hole 13 – Eagle Eye
  • Hole 14 – Cape Fear
  • Hole 15 –  Lone Fir
  • Hole 16 – Beached
  • Hole 17 – Derailed
  • Hole 18 – Tahoma


Laguna Oaks Golf Course

Laguna Oaks Golf Course.

Recommendation from blogger Twilight Tee Time – agree or disagree, 9-holes is always just enough especially if you’re just passing thru and I’m always looking for a good practice place – and the east and i go way back anyway, i can make it a “wazzup” road trip.

Worth a gander.