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RETRO Entry No.2: Miscellaneous Observation – Now that’s a ‘Tall Glass of Water”

Original Stardate Jan 27th:

Duke Ellington used to have a steak, a potato and a warm glass of water for breakfast because he didn’t know when he’d eat again during the day.Duke Ellington

I heard that at the beginning of the year while on the training commuting during a radio show on KCSM and thought maybe there’s something to drinking a warm glass of water in the morning to start your day (before I have that cup of coffee).  Maybe this could be a good ritual or practice routine.

Since then, I’ve started the habit of having a warm glass of water in the morning.  Sometimes before coffee, usually after and usually with a bowl of oatmeal.  I’ll do this when I get to work.  I’ve heard from (many of my friends in….) the Asian community that having a glass of water (warm) is good for the body.  It wakes you up and wakes up your body.  Plus it helps with memory and brain functioning.  I even remember hearing Howard Stern uses it – and ,think what you may about his radio show, he’s one of those maverick personalities that seems to chart his own path, something I admire and he’s withstood heavy obstacles to get to where he is so I take that into consideration and figure all these data points point to something useful. [added comment nov 30th – i know these are dis-jointed data points and i haven’t listened to Howard in a long time but it’s weird how my brain works and associates data some times.  i’m a little like “HUH?” myself – but I guess i have no one to complain to but my younger self – haha]

Takeaway pointer – a tall glass of warm water in the morning is a good way to start the day.


A Warm Glass of Water is a Good Day Starter

Added Comments Nov 30th:  In retrospect this is the beginning of me thinking a little bit more about what I eat and how to stay thoughtful about my nutrition as it relates to my long term ability to play golf – including avoiding chronic age-based diseases that are preventable if you eat right – not to mention keeping my joints happy.  Plus I think I drink to much caffeine as it is.

Epilogue – Now, when I get to work, I have a bowl of oatmeal and a tall cup of very warm water before I have any coffee.  I sustains me right through lunch and I’m energetic and alert.  It’s a good routine.


Yummy Oatmeal

To thine own self be true – Horace Silver

Star date – it’s September already. Been down in the dumps. Fall work and school push everything else aside including my swing.

Motivation low. Engines on impulse. Star viewer just beeping and blinking

Then I hear this interview snippet with Horace Silver.

Wow – my new musical hero. And I suspected he influenced the intro to Ricky Don’t Lose That Number by my all time favorite song writer Donald Fagen. And I was right.

When all else fails. There is music. And jazz. And now the self-inspired self-guided genius of Horace.

Thank you KCSM for your dedication to this musical cousin, jazz that is, to the family of life’s best pursuits including golf.

And hey I love rock n roll and everything else but transportive jazz is hard to beat

Riton by frambuesa on Beats du Jour

This tune is a rare excellent find for me. I swear that Michelle N’Digocello (forgive my misspelling) is on the bass.

Just a great tune to end a down in the dumps day. Today the dream seems so far away I can’t believe I’m so serious about it. Serious doubt. What am I doing? What’s taking me so long to get anywhere? I’m such a basket case. Who do I think I am anyway and why should I expect a different outcome for me and my wishes? What right is it to wish? Uuugh.

This gig is bringing me down.

So instead I will snap my fingers and tap my feet on the train and pretend I’m eight dancing with my air drums and bass in the basement like my life depended on it. Good times yep. Good times.

There it is, from Elian Elias to this – life is good. I am grateful.

I’d like to add my five to your five

From KCSM this morning

That’s the right attitude. Golf is eighty percent mental. But never done alone. Where’s your kizmit today? Huh? Stay open

More tunes for today’s mood – get the soul mojo going

It’s a family affair – sly family stone
Turning by Cloud ( one of my favorites)
Want U by Lo-Fi Fnk on Kitsune Maison Compilation 6