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ThinQ Golf – Improve Your Mental Game Online

Stumbled across this from a fellow blogger – Sir Shanks Alot – gotta love the rapper blogger name fo’ sho’

ThinQ Golf purports to help with your mental game.  I am not endorsing it but it looks like a cool site – Small member fee (don’t like that part) but could be worth a gander.

Also here’s another site I think could be very informative on swing routines. (this one is just free good advice)

ThinQ Golf

ThinQ Golf

Which Golf Grip is Best for You?

Which Golf Grip is Best for You?. From the Grateful Golfer….good succint review and often overlooked fundamental.  I’m an interlocker myself from the start.  it helps me really feel like i can get the grip on my fingers instead of my palms – but that said, i often forget to make sure the hand overlap just right and i think you’re right – it can explain sharp shanks when everything else seems to be in the right place.

Laguna Oaks Golf Course

Laguna Oaks Golf Course.

Recommendation from blogger Twilight Tee Time – agree or disagree, 9-holes is always just enough especially if you’re just passing thru and I’m always looking for a good practice place – and the east and i go way back anyway, i can make it a “wazzup” road trip.

Worth a gander.